Friday, 29 May 2015

Paralysis Treatments in India – A New Hope!

Paralysis is no more a non-curable disease. Science has advanced and so has the technologies. Paralysis treatments in India today are not only promising but successful too.
Treating paralysis can be very expensive. At time paralysis cannot be treated but with support the patients can be treated to lead an independent life. It is a condition that is caused by loss of function of the muscles. It may impact the whole body or regions of the body. This sometimes also leads to loss of sensation. So to treat paralysis, the cause of it has to be clearly understood. This can be temporary or permanent. Usually paralysis caused due to nervous system breakdown is permanent and may be difficult to be treated. India has a wider network of hospitals that specialize in treating paralysis. Every city is equipped with more hospitals and modern facilities that the paralysis treatment in India is done with care and by offering world class treatments.

Hospitalised treatment
The treatments that are offered in the hospitals include clinical hypnosis, inductive pshycoplasty, spinal surgery, neuro-rehabilitation, physiotherapy, physiotherapy and alternative medicines. The paralysis treatment is usually a long term treatment with intensive physiotherapies. The stage of treatments deals with preventing further injury to the impacted part and then rehabilitating the damaged part with medication or equipment that help overcome the loss of function. Equipment like wheelchairs and orthoses help in regaining the locomotion of the limbs. For spasms and temporary paralysis, a medication treatment involves injection of ibuprofen and other strong doses of amitriptyline or pregabalin is required.

Ayurvedic treatment
India also offers Ayurvedic treatment ofparalysis with the use of medicated oils and herbs. There are multiple Ayurvedic centres spread around that provides these treatments. The treatment includes diet control and having a disciplined life style. The person is required to eat fresh food and combined with well mixed proportions of fruits. Bitter and pungent taste should be avoided. Strict diet needs to be followed with no millets and barley. White meat or sea food needs to be eaten than red meat.
Ayurvedic treatments include the natural herbs such as the winter cherry and mallow mixed to form a paste and applied on the part that is paralysed. There are also special therapies that involve the application of medicated oils on the affected regions to cure paralysis.

Stem cell treatment
Recent researches in hospitals show that stem cells can be used to cure paralysis. In a certain treatment for paralysis at a hospital in Bangalore, it is proven that stem cells play a major role in treating paralysis. This also involves multiple steps where the blood from the patient is injected to the artery that supplies blood to the damaged part of the spinal column. But the stem cell treatments are very expensive. Recent advancements in stem cell therapies in India are making it affordable and provide constant cure to the paralysis.

Rehabilitation programs

Paralysis not just requires treatment but it requires the patient to cope up with the life after the loss of the muscle function. Paralysis treatment in India are at times painful as the person doesn’t even feel the body part. The person should focus on doing the day to day routines in a normal way with the help of assistance and aids. The rehabilitation programs require lot of commitment and constant therapy is needed. Above all he has to stay positive and steer in the right direction to lead a normal life.

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